Translating helps us to know our mother tongue better.

Do you ever have involuntary urination?

Those two things aren't related.

Baguettes are delicious.

I tried to convince Tao to go to Boston with me.

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Which of these is yours?

This is a trap.

How do you want this handled?

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The train was moving at 500 miles per hour.


Companies paid their taxes every quarter.

This is the American way of life.

Where is his dog?

I went to bed later than usual.

He convinced his daughter to not marry Shuvra.

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I read a newspaper while eating.

I won't betray you.

Bernard is the third man in line.

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Your o's look like a's.

Piet was genuinely troubled.

Let's take a little break and look at the story from a somewhat different angle.

You hate him, don't you?

Patricio didn't attend Ginny's funeral.

Would you like me to read it to you?

It began to rain cats and dogs.


He told everybody at school.


I wish I had more.

My parents taught me to show respect to my elders.

Don't ever hook up with bad guys.

Jin scored a touchdown.

Alison was interested.

Dalton isn't very bright, is he?

Considerable care is advised when driving in winter weather.

Merril usually gives Raanan a goodbye kiss.

I was wandering mindlessly.


I'll be ready to go in five minutes.

Mulligan says he'll sleep easy until the fight.

You and I have other fish to fry.


We didn't do it for them.


He outlasted many of his friends.

Was Charlene at home?

Whatever happens, you must keep calm.

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What's stopping you from doing research?

I loved both the movie I saw today and the one I saw yesterday.

There's another problem you don't even know about.

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I was out for a walk.


My favorite bar had its liquor license suspended for serving alcohol to minors.

We eat Monterey Jack cheese.

It seems that my methods are more up to date.

Do you have a sore throat and a headache?

I know this district.

I'm actually paid to do this.

Could you turn down the music a little?

It wasn't very smart to buy so many tuna cans, since I have no can-opener.

Osamu Dazai killed himself at the age of thirty-nine.

Don't worry. Danielle will be fine.

There's his friend.

I made several mistakes in the exam.

We'll wait outside.

Unfortunately, Roxana let the cat out of the bag.

Hello. May I talk to Mr Johnson, please?


Who's taking you home?


I thought you said you didn't do that kind of thing.

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The number of muffins that you'll receive will be inversely proportional to the number of times you talk on IRC.

I wish we had won the game.

The war is essentially over.

Gregg is probably in bed and asleep.

I cannot fill my pitcher with water. It's cracked.

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I wish you were dead!

Emily is my favourite girl.

Would you recognize him?

America is a country on the move.

It is necessary that he prepare for the worst.


Do I look tired?

You'll be dead someday.

Do you approve or disapprove of my project?

Pitawas is really acting strange.

We didn't need to add flowers to the car to make it beautiful.

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I warned Hubert not to eat anything Karen cooked.

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Generally, who visits their parents more, sons or daughters?

The cup is not always half full.

The hostage-takers threatened to detonate a bomb.

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What will that achieve?

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How's the weather there?

Kinshasa is the capital of Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Briggs will most likely be the first one to show up.

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.

How do I help Allan?

Hunter is being very sensible, isn't he?

David caught the ball with one hand.

He is very bright, and what is more, he studies hard.

All I want to do is close my eyes and get some sleep.


No funny business!

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I found two videos of Maria Callas singing that aria, one in a staged production and one in concert.

That's a pretty big fish you've just caught.

He's ahead of us in so many ways.

Please be careful not to let the dog loose.

Pat didn't know what he'd say to Anita.

Let's go for a walk.

People with bad vision cannot see far.

Please wake up.

What kind of sandwich is it?


Is it really necessary to buy all this stuff?

I'll take her there myself.

He does nothing but play all day.

I'm used to getting more sleep.

The event starts at 10am.

He began to insult me in all languages.

I'm glad Walter is gone.

I didn't find any feeling in his speech.

"Did you find any dirt on him?" "No, he's clean as a whistle."


They began to quarrel among themselves.


I am hungry!

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Dennis is a compulsive liar.

"How long will you remain in Boston?" "Until Thursday."

Being underage is the inability to avail oneself of one's mind without the guidance of another.

Don't let anyone press this button.

The table was laden with a large range of food and drink.

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India was Hindu, then it became Buddhist, then it became Hindu again, as Hinduism reabsorbed Buddhism.


I think I hear something.

The policeman told me that the last bus leaves at ten.

That would be very funny.

Go up these stairs.

Cooked meat is still meat.

I listened to some of his records.

Laura and Miltos were just shooting the breeze.


Jim answered my question without difficulty.

My canteen is already half empty.

Stagger stole my camera.

He gave a short talk.

As the world becomes economically richer, it becomes environmentally poorer.

Troy wants to study medicine.

I inherited it from my parents.

We translated the report from English into Afrikaans.

Triantaphyllos is in more trouble than I thought.

Oranges are graded by size and quality.

Markus understood exactly what Jones meant.

He is a man of action.

Englishmen will never be slaves. They will always be free to do what the government and public opinion demand from them.

Pieter peeked through the blinds.

Times are tough.

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He wouldn't stop badgering me.

We're not sure why Micah isn't here today.

Syun handed Randell an envelope.

They're not there.

Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina.

You have a nice laugh.

Russell lived alone in the woods.

The gentle-looking old man got up and gave his hand to me.

He told me just the opposite!

Fiona's letters were becoming less and less frequent.

Caroline is gregarious.

Can we go home now?

Ninja found a hair in his soup and complained to the waiter.

The train was delayed for an hour.

Let's stay in close contact.

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It's complicated, isn't it?

An investigation is ongoing.

Sirius is a binary star system. Sirius B, Sirius A's faint companion, is the white dwarf closest to our solar system. It is about as big as our earth.

She realized that she had better tell the truth.

Two families live in the same house.


Please, listen to me!

I've enjoyed working with you.

I made some mistakes on the test.

I'm very hot.

They embraced tightly.